Diagnostic Imaging

In addition to our in-house diagnostics lab, Oak Hammock Animal Hospital is equipped to perform advanced medical imaging services. Our clinic can utilize digital radiography, digital dental radiography, and ultrasonography to provide us with a better "picture" of your pet. 

How We Use Imaging

Sometimes it's easy to see a pet's problem without fully understanding it. We may easily be able to tell that your pet is limping. However, whether that limp is due to a fractured bone, a pulled muscle, joint inflammation, or an abnormal growth is harder to tell from the outside. Therefore, we utilize advanced diagnostic imaging to see what's going on inside your pet quickly, safely, and noninvasively. 


Digital Radiography

Radiography, or X-ray imaging, uses small amounts of radiation to produce an image of the bones and internal organs. Digital X-rays are considered a safer procedure for your pet as it uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. Additionally, digital imaging results are higher quality and are viewable in seconds. Oak Hammock Animal Hospital upgraded to Digital X-rays in 2016. X-ray procedures are painless and allow us to view the skeletal system, heart and abdominal organs. We can also detect bone fractures, tumors, and foreign bodies your pet may have ingested with this approach.

We also offer digital dental X-ray to evaluate the teeth, the surrounding bones, and all areas below the gum line. X-rays are not required with every dental appointment. However, they offer invaluable insights when dealing with pets with advanced dental health issues.

Another advantage to having X-rays that are digital is that telemedicine technology allows for us to perform X-rays on your pet in our hospital and have them virtually evaluated by a veterinary radiology specialist when necessary. 


Ultrasonography, more commonly referred to as ultrasound, provides our team with a moving, two-dimensional image of your pet's internal organs in real-time. Oak Hammock Animal Hospital acquired this technology in 2017. The machine's handheld wand is pressed against the body and emits sound waves which penetrate the skin and muscle to bounce off the internal organs. The resulting echoes produce an image for us to review. Ultrasound is completely painless and noninvasive, and allows us to detect pregnancies, cysts, tumors, bladder stones, and abnormalities in the heart, kidneys, and abdomen. 

Contact us today at (863) 655-3155, if you believe your pet is in need of advanced imaging services. 


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