Pet Wellness Care

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Just like humans, pets need to see the doctor to stay healthy. Even when nothing is wrong, regular pet wellness care is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and extending your dog or cat's life. Whether your pet is a puppy or kitten, a senior, or anything in between annual checkups are always beneficial. Oak Hammock Animal Hospital provides thorough wellness exams for Sebring dogs and cats of any age. Schedule an appointment if you have a new puppy or kitten or your pet hasn't had a recent check-up.

Why Get a Wellness Exam?

Pet wellness exams help detect serious illnesses before they become critical. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for continuing preventative care like vaccines and parasite control. During these exams various medical issues can be detected before they become more serious. The sooner an issue is detected, the quicker and more effectively it can be treated.

At each appointment at our Sebring animal hospital, one of our experienced doctors will give your pet a thorough, nose to tail physical examination to ensure they are healthy and happy. We then take time to talk with you in-depth about recommendations for further treatment, diagnostics, or preventative care measures. Long-term relationships with our clients are important to us. Therefore, we make sure you fully understand our results, and work to reach the best decisions for your pet and your family. We recommend owners bring all non-senior pets for a wellness check annually to ensure a long, healthy life.

During your pet's physical our doctors will:

  • Review your pet's medical history
  • Weigh your pet and take their vital signs
  • Check your pet's ears, eyes, and mouth
  • Examine each pet's skin, coat, limbs, and abdomen
  • Listen to the pet's heartbeat and breathing
  • Screen blood for heartworm
  • Perform a fecal parasite test
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Puppy and Kitten Care

Have a new puppy or kitten? Help them start their lives healthy by scheduling a wellness check as soon as possible. Puppies and kittens are especially susceptible to certain diseases, and many can be impacted by intestinal parasites from birth. At Oak Hammock Animal Hospital we make sure to screen your little ones for any signs of trouble. Detecting and addressing issues early can prevent your pet from developing more serious health problems down the road. Additionally, at your pet's first wellness screening we can get them started on a vaccination schedule and parasite prevention treatments. We understand that there is not one perfect preventative care plan for all pets, so we work to get to know each patient and owner individually to determine the ideal vaccination plan for their pet. Your new pet's first check up is also an ideal time to discuss spaying or neutering, diet, training, and any other concerns you may have.

Senior Care

Like humans, your pets start to slow down as they get older. At this point, it is important to keep up with their annual physical exams and also to monitor them closely at home. Many issues can be detected in physical exams, but symptoms are often first noted at home. When bringing your pet in, it is critical that you describe any changes you are seeing in your pet at home to a doctor so you can discuss your concerns. Changes in appetite, thirst, urination, defecation, ability to stand and walk, and ability to hear and see are all things to watch out for. If necessary, a doctor at Oak Hammock Animal Hospital will discuss diagnostic and therapeutic options with you including blood work, X-rays, medications, and therapeutic laser treatments for joint pain.  Dr. O’Sullivan also routinely consults with a variety of veterinary specialists and may refer your pet out for additional diagnostics when necessary.

Our Wellness Packages

At Oak Hammock Animal Hospital, we have designed comprehensive pet wellness care bundles. These plans provide all your pet's annual treatment needs at a reasonable price. Each bundle includes an annual wellness exam, heartworm testing, a fecal parasite test, bloodwork, deworming (if necessary), and all your pet's necessary vaccines, all for one annual fee! Ask us for more details when you schedule your next pet wellness care appointment.

Call us today at 863-655-3155. We look forward to seeing you! 


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