Pet Dermatology

Pet Dermatology

Even though it's covered with fur, your pet's skin is still sensitive and capable of being irritated or infected. Because of the conditions cats and dogs can experience, Oak Hammock Animal Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive dermatology services. Whether its treating allergies or infections, our staff makes sure to stay current with the newest dermatological medications and treatments. 

Signs of Skin Problems

Signs of Skin Problems

Allergic dermatitis, or skin allergies, is the most common skin condition in pets. Though flea bites cause pet skin allergies most frequently they can also be triggered by exposure to plants, pollen, mold, dust mites, and household chemicals. The most common result of allergies is severe itching. Similar allergic reactions can also be caused by ingredients in food. Pets scratching too much can lead to inflammation and damaged skin, which in turn can leave them open to severe fungal or bacterial infections.

Like many issues with pets, because they cannot tell us what is wrong, it can be difficult to notice the physical symptoms of a cat or dog's skin disorder.  Usually your pet will alert you with behavioral warning signs. The faster the issue is addressed the easier life will be for your pet, and you.

Seek treatment if your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms or behaviors:

  • Excessive scratching and rubbing of the face or ears
  • Continuous licking of feet, legs, or abdomen
  • Dandruff or loss of fur
  • Red or inflamed skin or ears
  • Recurring vomiting or diarrhea
  • Sores, pustules, or scabs on the skin
  • Discharge from the nose or eyes
  • Frequent sneezing
Treatment Plans

Treatment Plans

Schedule an appointment today if you suspect your cat or dog is suffering from allergies or a related dermatology issue. One of our veterinarians will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and the necessary diagnostics so we can provide a customized, multimodal treatment plan to address your pet’s condition. If your pet suffers from a food allergy, one of our veterinarians will provide a dietary consultation to pinpoint and avoid the cause of your pet's food allergy. We can also prescribe specific veterinary diets to help your pet when necessary. In addition to offering a wide range of medication options, we also have a full compliment of the newest and most effective flea and tick preventatives. No matter what is causing the dermatology issue, we will help you and your pet get to the bottom of it and find some relief!

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