Pet Boarding Services

Pet Boarding Services

Oak Hammock Animal Hospital is happy to offer pet boarding services for cats and dogs at our Sebring clinic. If you are traveling and need to leave your pet behind, you can be sure they'll be in good hands with "your other family doctor." In addition to making sure your pets get plenty of food, water and exercise, we can also provide baths, and nail trims during their stay.

Boarding Services

Boarding Services

We welcome all canine and feline boarders to stay with us, whether or not they are our regular patients. For their comfort, cats and dogs are always kept in separate areas while they are staying with us. Cats are given ample opportunities for exercise and dogs are walked three times daily. Furthermore, our highly trained staff can administer medication to pets with non-contagious medical conditions.

For your convenience we can provide our usual veterinary services to boarders. If your dog or cat is due for their annual wellness exam, booster shots, or dental cleaning, make a request for your desired services when you drop them off. One of our veterinarians will see to them during their stay and discuss the results with you at pick-up time. One of the benefits of boarding your pet at a veterinary hospital is that any medical issues that should arise with your pet are addressed immediately by our veterinary staff and pet owners are notified promptly.

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Important information to note before boarding your pet:

  • Dogs must be up-to-date on their rabies, bordetella, and distemper-parvo combination vaccines in order to board. During outbreaks of canine influenza we may also issue a requirement for the flu vaccine.
  • Cats must be up-to-date on their vaccinations against rabies and FVRCP in order to board.
  • We suggest clients drop off their pets with their regular food to make the adjustment easier, however, we do provide healthy meals if this is not possible.
  • Bringing personal items and bedding is not widely encouraged, as they could get lost. Food and water bowls and comfy bedding are provided.
  • We can administer medication to pets with non-contagious medical conditions.¬† Please bring any medications your pet is on along.
  • We are a flea free hospital. Should we find any external parasites (fleas/ticks) on a pet when they are dropped off, a safe and effective treatment will be administered to eliminate the parasites and prevent them from spreading.

Please call us to set up boarding arrangements. Our space is limited, so it is typically necessary to make reservations in advance.